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Disruption. Collaboration. Transformation. The buzzwords of our time. But actions speak louder than words. And anyone who’s charged with transforming a business, disrupting a market or breaking through the competitive noise, knows just how difficult putting these words into action can be.

The solution is (almost certainly) the Huddle Hack.


So what the heck is the Huddle Hack?

Make your brand, digital and marketing ideas happen.

A methodology developed over a decade by award-winning creative innovation studio, Huddle Creative, based on many principles from tech-style hackathons, the Huddle Hack is the ultimate creative tool for developing breakthrough solutions for brands, digital products and campaigns.

Whether you’re a startup looking to disrupt a market, or an established organisation trying to protect what you have, the Huddle Hack could well be for you.


How does the Huddle Hack work?

Insights-driven, truly collaborative and fiercely productive.

The Huddle Hack consists of two full days of intense co-creation during which ideas, strategies and concepts are rapidly developed. It is proceeded by a short research and planning phase where we synthesise existing data and insights, and plan resource needed for the Hack. The full process, which culminates in validation and refinements of the Hack outputs, is undertaken within a seven to 10 day period. 

Insights and planning  >  Strategy and creation  >  Validation and wrap.


Why do companies need the Huddle Hack?

Innovation for startups, scaleups and grown ups. 

Every organisation, at whatever stage of growth, experiences blockages in thinking or simply needs to break out of established ways of solving problems or creating new ideas. This happens because of stifling enterprise processes, entrenched thinking, lack of knowledge or insufficient expertise. All contribute to hindering solutions or inhibiting innovation.

That's where the Huddle Hack comes in.


Why is the Huddle Hack better than traditional methods?

A new solution to age old problems.

Use real world insights to set a clear strategic direction.

Think while doing and make things of value.

Create momentum and solve
big challenges at speed.

Harness collective intelligence and different perspectives.

Validate solutions and move forward with confidence.


What do I actually get from a Huddle Hack?

Real outputs you can do something with.

We’ve carefully designed Huddle Hack to deliver useful and tangible outputs. This could be a prototype to test with real users before investing heavily in software development. Or a brand style guide so your internal team can focus on implementation and activation. It could also be a strategic marketing roadmap highlighting what content to create and which channels to use to drive commerce and engagement.

Essentially, you’ll get all you need to move your idea forward with confidence. 

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Is the Huddle Hack the same as a hackathon?

Lasting transformation, not short-term solutions.

The difference between a Huddle Hack and a hackathon or a creative workshop is that a Huddle Hack is designed to provide continual benefit, beyond the excitement and highly charged environment of an ideation event. 

During the hack, you’ll have access to techniques that can be applied to the business, product or brand on an ongoing basis. We provide proprietary tools and hack documentation that you can use to ensure the quality of your approach continues long after the physical event is over, even to educate others in your organisation.


Why Huddle?

Made by winners, not beginners.

Huddle Hack is brought to you by the London-based, collaborative design and innovation outfit, Huddle Creative. Winners of Unilever Re-Hack, and inventors of Creative Burst, a design sprint methodology created before Google Ventures got all Google about design sprints, Huddle has pioneered rapid innovation techniques since its conception in 2009.

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